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New systems book by Rosalind Armson 'Growing Wings on the Way: Systems Thinking for Messy Situations'. With some problems it’s hard to know where to start – we can’t define them, we get in a muddle thinking about them, we may try to ignore some aspect/s of them and – when we finally do something – they usually get worse. Rosalind Armson is one of the world’s foremost teachers and practitioners of Systems Thinking, and her remarkable book explains how these messes happen and what to do about them.

This book is about dealing with messes. Sometimes known as 'wicked problems', messes (or messy situations) are fairly easy to spot:

Examples of messes might include:

Whether you’re new to Systems Thinking or have long experience, the book invites you to develop your skills through working with your own messy situations. It’s written for managers, project managers, team leaders, ‘change leaders’, strategists, policy makers and concerned citizens as well as university students from a broad set of disciplines. Organisations and readers in education, healthcare, environmental management, IT planning and social care are just a few of those likely to find it helpful.

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Growing Wings on the Way: Systems Thinking for Messy Situations by Rosalind Armson
Publication Date: 31st May 2011
No of pages: 338
Book type: Paperback
Print ISBN: 978-1-908009-36-4
List Price: £25
Offer Price: £19.50