Roelien Goede Presentation: Caring for Students: Lecturing as Critical Systems Thinker and Action Researcher

David Snowden Presentation: Cynefin and Methods Kits

Dr Terence Love presentation: Variety Dynamics

Bob Williams presentation: Systemic Action Across Boundaries

Bob Dick Presentation: Paradigm shifts and blind spots

Nick Gonios' presentation: Circulist and Systems and Sustainability

Dr Bill Hutchinson 25th Anniversary Lecture: Surprise Attacks and System Boundaries

Dr Jeff Foote presentation: Towards a critical operations management?

Janet McIntye-Mills and Rudolf Wirawan: De-coupling socoial enterprise from business as usual: the potential of eco-villages

Lewe Atkinson and Linda Ginger presentation: Think Like a System - Act like an Entrepreneur

Delia Pembley MacNamara presentation on AI: G.O.D. or G.O.O.D.?

Dr. Raghav Rajagopalan presentation on Meta rational ways of knowing 18 November 2020.

Dr Terence Love Presentation Can you feel it? Yes we can! Human Limitations in Systems Theories

Dr Nam Nguyen Presentation on Malik SuperSyntegration