Online presentation and discussion 20 May 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Nick Gonios

Nick 's presentation will focus on 'Circulist and Systems and Sustainability' about re-imagining the business of manufacturing in a new built world ecosystem.

The presentation will cover:

  • Current economy, society, and the built world
  • The declining industrial paradigm - what next?
  • Circular economy has 2 versions - which ones will you focus on?
  • The new battleground - scaleups vs transformers - who will win?
  • Circulists have arrived; the new breed of business leaders who are on a mission to solve the climate crisis
  • Reinventing the built world - what’s coming and why?
  • Q&A


Nick Gonios is CEO and Founder of the Circulist. He has a  deep passion all things design, manufacturing, and the built world, together with 30 years of software tech sector experience spanning several startups and corporate leaderships roles. Nick launched and is on his next and most important mission to re-imagine the business of manufacturing to solve the world’s climate crisis.