Online presentation and discussion 15 July 2021 more details at ANZSYS Events


Dr Roelien Goede

In this presentation, Roelien will describe different ways in which Critical Systems Thinking and Action Research can shape a lecturer's care for students

. In this she draws on many practical examples from her work in South Africa.


Roelien Goede is Professor at the School of Computer Science and Information Systems, North-West University, South Africa. Her research interest is in Critical Systems Thinking applied to Business Intelligence and Programming Education. She has a keen interest in research paradigms focusing on the application of Action Research in Information Systems Research. She received distinguished teaching awards for her teaching of Computer Programming and received best paper awards for her research in Computer Science Education. Internationally, she had been involved as systems specialist in project work with the Technical University of Eindhoven on logistical solutions for refugees in the Netherlands.

She has published in journals such as Systemic Practice and Action research, Systems Research and Behavioural Science (SRBS), Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies and Communications of Computer and Information Science. She was guest editor of the 2020 Special Edition of the SRBS, known as the ISSS yearbook. She reviews papers for high impact journals such as ISJ and SRBS. Currently she is the Special Integration Group chairperson for Action Research as well as the Vice President (Membership and Public Relations) of the International Society of the System Sciences.

She holds a PhD in Information Technology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Her PhD focus was on Systems Thinking in Decision Support Systems. She has supervised 4 PhD students and 14 Master’s students.