Online presentation and discussion 6-Oct-2021 more details at ANZSYS Events

Dr Derek Cabrera

In this presentation, Derek will introduce how, contrary to contemporary thought, Systems Thinking is an emergent property of 4 simple, universal rules of organization that

are found in both mind and nature.

He shares insights on DSRP Theory and its growing empirical basis including: recent findings from 26 new experimental studies and the results of a meta-analysis of over 150 empirical studies from across the disciplines.

Derek will also explain what their Lab has learned from over two decades of translational research designed to increase public understanding and awareness of systems science—what every practitioner of systems thinking needs to know and how to get started.


Derek Cabrera (PhD, Cornell) is an internationally known systems scientist who in 2021 was inducted as Member of the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS) for outstanding contributions to the field.

 At Cornell University he teaches systems thinking, systems leadership, and systems mapping and is Program Director for the Graduate Certification Program in Systems Thinking, Modeling, and Leadership (STML). He is senior scientist at Cabrera Research Lab. He was Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Plectica (now Frameable) where he invented several software applications including: Plectica systems mapping and project management, among others. He has given two TED Talks, written and produced a rap song, a children’s book on cognition, and authored numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles.
Derek  is credited with discovering the universal organizing rules of systems (DSRP Theory and VMCL Theory). He is co-editor of the Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking, forthcoming 2021.  (More of Derek's bio is at )