CALL FOR PAPERS for a special edition of the journal of SYSTEMS. Papers will be published as they are accepted with  final deadline 15th Jan 2017. See below for topic details. 

Shankar Sankaran, Mary Edson, Pam Henning and Tim Ferris  are editing a special issue in the journal Systems and calling for papers on the following topics:

Systems Philosophy

What are the philosophical underpinnings that systems researchers use?

Problem Structuring

How do systems researchers identify their research question using systems tools and techniques used in systems practice?


Does a framework help guide systems Research similar to the Theoretical Framework used in conventional research?

Modelling and Simulation

How do models and simulation support systems research?

Systems Intervention

What strategies and practice do systems researcher use to intervene in systems and collect valid information?

Writing Up

What are some good practices in reporting systems research? Do they differ from how conventional research is reported?


What competencies should systems researchers develop to carry out systems research? How can we test or provide assurance that systems practitioners do have the competencies needed for their work?


How are outcomes and impact of systems research evaluated? What are the ethical implications of conducting systemic research which impact a community much broader than those directly participating and giving informed consent?

Case Studies

Contributors are invited to present conceptual papers, empirical papers and case studies for academic and disciplinary applications.

For more information see:

Deadline for papers in 15tt January 2017 but papers will be published as they are accepted.

We look forward to your contributions.

Warm regards

Shankar Sankaran

VP Research and Publishing - ISSS