ANZSYS Conversations Videos

Roelien Goede Digital Transformation 23 Oct 2023uperSyntegration

Roelien Goede presentation

Andrea Clarke presentation

Mary Brydon-Miller presentation

Derek Cabrera presentation

Collin Smith presents Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Rethinking Risk, Opportunity, and Resilience

Shankar Shankaran presents Energy Justice Issues with Renewable Energy Projects

Roelien Goede Presentation: Caring for Students: Lecturing as Critical Systems Thinker and Action Researcher

David Snowden Presentation: Cynefin and Methods Kits

Dr Terence Love presentation: Variety Dynamics

Bob Williams presentation: Systemic Action Across Boundaries

Bob Dick Presentation: Paradigm shifts and blind spots

Nick Gonios' presentation: Circulist and Systems and Sustainability

Dr Bill Hutchinson 25th Anniversary Lecture: Surprise Attacks and System Boundaries

Dr Jeff Foote presentation: Towards a critical operations management?

Janet McIntye-Mills and Rudolf Wirawan: De-coupling social enterprise from business as usual: the potential of eco-villages

Lewe Atkinson and Linda Ginger presentation: Think Like a System - Act like an Entrepreneur

Delia Pembley MacNamara presentation on AI: G.O.D. or G.O.O.D.?

Dr. Raghav Rajagopalan presentation on Meta rational ways of knowing 18 November 2020.

Dr Terence Love Presentation Can you feel it? Yes we can! Human Limitations in Systems Theories