Prof. Shankar Shankaran

Online presentation and discussion

Wednesday 10th February 19:00 AEST

Zoom presentation -

I teach and research in project management  andwas introduced to the Viable Systems Model by Tim Haslett from the ANZSys System Society which has been enriched through conversations with Allena Leonard at ISSS meetings.

One of the ‘small worlds’ with which I engage in project  management research, over the  last ten years, includes prominent project management researchers Professor Ralf Müller from the BI Norwegian School in Oslo and Professor Nathalie Drouin from the University of Quebec at Montreal.

Recently (since 2020)  the three of us have started writing about the application of Viable Systems Model (VSM) to Organizational Project Management, Megaprojects and  to the UN SDG’s.

Our work on the Viable Governance Model (based on VSM)  has  been published in the Springer Handbook of Systems Sciences being released in 2021 and in Systems Research and Behavioral Science (SRBS) as part of the ISSS Yearbook of 2019.

This talk presents the gist of this work to the ANZSys  group to engage in some interesting conversations and learn more about VSM.

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