Online presentation and discussion 1 Dec 2022. More details at ANZSYS Events

Prof Roelien Goede, President of ISSS

At the halfway stage of my ISSS Presidency term, I would like to engage with the ANZSYS Community on the current activities of the ISSS. These activities include mini-symposia, education, the development of

the discipline, the development of the webpage, the newsletter and the upcoming conference.

The upcoming conference in South Africa has expedited timelines compared to previous conferences due to the selection of the Kruger National Park as venue. The theme of the conference is Systems Practice for Professions. There is a video on the home page of which is open for public view on the logistics of the conference.

This ANZSYS session will have only a short formal part and more time for open discussion. The aim of open discussion is to understand the needs of the ANZSYS group to guide the ISSS actions.


Roelien Goede is a professor in Computer Science and Information Systems at the North-West University, Potchefstroom in South Africa. She is the Director for the Research Unit of Data Science and Computing at the NWU.  She has a PhD from the University of Pretoria in the field of Systems Practice in Business Intelligence.

Roelien has various publications in the application of Critical Systems Thinking. She has been actively involved in the ISSS from 2014, and a member of the BoD from 2016. Besides being the current ISSS President, she is the Special Integration Group chair for Action Research.